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Name:Todd Clark
Company:Keller Williams Realty
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Address:Office Address: 700 NE Multnomah Street #900, Portland, OR Serving: Beaverton, Tigard, Aloha, Hillsboro, Tualatin, Portla, Serving: Beaverton, Tigard, Aloha, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Sherwood, Tualatin, Wilsonville, West Linn, OR
Description:Is your family looking to buy or sell in Washington County, Oregon? Then give me a call, I would love to help your family home! (503)-524-9494

About Todd

Oregon native, Todd Clark, understands that to be happy in life, it is the little things that matter. Todd grew up in Tigard, Oregon, in Washington County, and the west side of Portland really is his passion. Todd believes in keeping the beauty of Washington County alive and well with the beauty of its historic farm houses and its rich history. But, nothing makes Todd happier than seeing people who take the time to better their kid's future by taking the time to educate through nature. Seeing kids outside, having fun, and learning is where the true classroom should be. Todd understands our future is in our hands. Todd would love to help you find that perfect home to educate our future leaders.


Todd Clark is a dedicated person whose goal in life is to exceed in every thing he ventures into. His dedication to family is what made him strive to do even more for every family he meets. Ever since one young couple told Todd "You were everything you said you were, and more! You completely exceeded our expectations." He has wanted to do even more!

Happiness is...

What Todd Clark feels every time he gets to help the community grow stronger with each family he gets moved in. Todd wants every person in a community to feel the sense of pride he does in the wonderful state of Oregon. As an Oregon native Todd says growing up 1 hour from the ocean and the mountains is something everyone should experience.


Is an important part of Todd's happiness. He met his wife in 1992 when she started working for him in the wedding industry; together they have 3 wonderful children Meesha, Nathaniel and Natascha.

Your Family...

Is a very important part of the home buying or home selling process. Todd believes kids should be listened to and asks questions of even the youngest of children about the pending move. Kids do say the darndest things and sometimes they see things from a point of view that us adults really shouldn't overlook but often do.


Has been something Todd has enjoyed with his own children. He also enjoys teaching other peoples kid's life lessons through sports while being a baseball coach for his daughter's T-Ball team or the lessons he got to teach kids while he worked with Junior Achievement and the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Programs.

Sense of Humor...

Todd is a very genuine person with a great sense humor. He loves to break the tension by cracking a joke. Sometimes he says it is just needed to break up awkwardness of a situation. After working as a Disc Jockey for so long you just know when a joke is needed.


Areas of Expertise

Todd is an expert with first time home buyers and sellers. He takes that extra step to educate and hold a buyer or sellers hand through the tough times to make sure they get the most out of their investment.

Buying your first home in Beaverton Oregon doesn’t have to be stressfulBuying your first home in Beaverton Oregon: Don’t let the inspection scare you!Beaverton Oregon Real Estate: 1st time home buyers, know the facts before you buy



Todd also help those who need help keeping their homes. Todd is an expert at helping people avoid foreclosure with options that don't necessarly mean selling their home. Most people when they get into a default situation, got there through a temporary problem and Todd understands this. He helps the home owner keep their home and doesn't ask for anything in return other than the occasional referral.

Todd also works on with a team of other Realtors know as the "Friendly Home Team". This team is dedicated to helping those who are 55+ or eventually will be, by giving back to those who have GIVEN so much. They help people with investments to further help them later in life or if it is time for the move to an assisted living home, they work with counselors to help make the move as easy and stress free as possible, while not losing everything they have worked so hard to earn.


GRI     - Graduate REALTOR® Institute


 Todd thanks for your tenacity!! Michael was lucky he had you as a Realtor.

                                                                             Alyce Irving (Realtor)

Todd, we wished we had called you earlier! After having our home on the market for one year with one agent for $118,900 and then on our own for another year for $115,000. That is when we decided we would finally give you a shot. Boy are we glad we did. We signed with you on a Thursday and after work on Friday you called me and asked if I was sitting down. That is when you told me you had 3 offers. When you brought them over and you got the buyers to go in to a bidding war for our property, you made the process actually fun! You left our house at 11:30 that night and by Monday we had all the paperwork signed and had accepted an offer for $129,500. Thank You and we guarantee we will refer you to anyone wanting to sell their home.

                                                                                               Todd and Elise P. (Hillsboro, OR)

Josh and Kellie StearnsThank you Todd for not giving up on us. Most Realtors® would have just stopped dealing with us when after putting an offer on a house and then our funding fell through. It was a year before we could get our credit back to where we needed it to buy a home. But during that year, you not only kept in contact with us, you gave us encouragement and advised on how to bring up our credit score. You then found us our dream home, a place where we could have our family grow up and even a place for Joshua's pool table. Once again, Thank You!!!! We will refer you to all our friends and family when they want to buy or sell a home.

                                                                                            Joshua and Kellie S (Portland, OR)



You always seem to go above and beyond for your clients and that just amazes me! I truly believe there is no length you wouldn't go to please a client.

                                                  Kristine - Insight Home Inspection


You are the best Agent I have dealt with in ages. Keep up the awesome customer service. Let me know if you are ever in the market for an Assistant. 

                                                                                      Tami E - Gresham

Todd listed my house in Tigard, OR. His services were exemplary. He went beyond expectations, even helping with understanding lease option and seller financing so that we could market to the home to a variety of customers. He also has his own  radio talk show and community real estate meetings  which he educates others on how to leverage creative financing to quickly find hidden gems in real estate market. Todd was always kind, courteous, and personable.  I highly recommend his services to anyone who wishes to list their home or purchase a home in the future. Simply, there are no agents left like Todd, he does the job right, persevering the profession of real estate with the highest skills and creativity that is required to be successful in this business.

                                                       Elizabeth Tran


Todd was always there for me and very knowledgeable and reliable. He even helped me when my lender wouldn't seem to and helped me get the loan for my home. I fired my previous agent because he wasn't doing these things and I was very grateful to have found Todd a few days later and got what I was expecting from an agent

                                                                                                     Betty Perez



"Todd is a rare person in the Real Estate Industry. Like many of the better agents in the field, he is knowledgeable of the market, understands thoroughly the legal and ethical considerations of the real estate transaction and has both a practical and esoteric understanding the real estate sales process. Where Todd separates himself from his contemporaries is in his preparedness. Todd is has become one of the leading real estate bloggers in the country over the past several years. His deep and comprehensive understanding of the industry comes from hundreds of hours of research and writing about real estate. The average agent reads an article here or there, maybe takes a class when it is required but Todd is a true "student of real estate" so much in fact, I would now classify him as a professor.

I have been in the mortgage lending industry for 25 years and I can honestly say, "Todd is the best informed agent I have ever met". I would trust Todd with my own real estate transaction! I offer my highest recommendation to Todd Clark."

                                                                                      Art Marine (Academy Mortgage)


Todd continually puts the well-being and best interest of his clients ahead of immediate personal gain. He cares genuinely and is attuned to the needs of those he serves.
                                                                           Jemila Kwon






                                                                                                              Krista Talley (Portland, OR)