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Last night, one of my clients decided that after the inspection, based on the watermarks on the sump pumphome, they were scared that the home may one day flood and with their luck, it just wasn't worth the risk.

They decided a home in a possible flood plain was too much risk for them. But, I had another client that I thought this home would be perfect for and I told them this. They said, "Feel free to show it to them."

In a gesture of kindness (the first buyer knew I was showing the home at 1pm) to the new potential buyers, they arrived a little early and caught my buyers who also arrived early and said, "This home won't work for us, but Todd thinks it will work for you. We have already paid for, and had, the inspection so we thought we would just give you this. So here you go." Then they gave them their inspection on the home, from two days earlier, free of charge.

I didn't find out they gave them the inspection until later when talking to them about timelines if the offer is accepted. They said, "You previous buyer gave us their inspection and we just want to submit the offer with the repair addendum and not get an inspection"

I advised them even though that inspector found those items, they may want to get one of their own. A new inspector might even find more, but they thought the money would be better spent on bills to help their credit, since the inspection was only two days old.

So, now let us hope the listing agent will keep it in the MLS as sale pending, just with a different buyer at the closing table.

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Respect Realty LLC (Expect More)



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Clients Helping Clients
Last night, one of my clients decided that after the inspection, based on the watermarks on the sump pumphome, they were scared that the home may one day flood and with their luck, it just wasn't worth the risk. They decided a home in a possible… more
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