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A card is nice, but giving back can be even better

 Recently I've read some great articles about Xerox offering to send cards to service men, but what about their families here back in Oregon who's incomes have been cut by their spouses being over seas?

What is Oregon doing about that? Well thanks to a local talk show host Lars Larson, we have the Hometown Heroes program. This program helps families that are left behind by war, and sometimes can't afford the simple things.

This program was set up so people could volunteer their services to help family members of those who are at war protecting our country. You see, if you have a service or want to donate something to a service member's family, you just send in a Hometown Heroes Request Form  and you can give back.

Let's say that a family member of a service member needs their house painted
and you own a house painting service, you could offer to paint their house for free as a way to give back. Let's say you own a glass company and a window of a service person's spouse has been damaged, you could offer to replace it for free.

What ever you have to offer, more than likely a service member's family may need it at some time, especially during the holiday season when money is usually tight anyway. You see, most service people don't get paid by their employers while serving over seas, and military pay usually is ¼ to ½ of what they make in the civilian world. Can you imagine what would happen to your household if your spouse's income was cut to ¼ of what you are used to them getting paid?

So if you live in Oregon and have a service that you could do for a service member's family, please take the time and fill out the Hometown Heroes Request Form.

Thank you,

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A card is nice, but giving back can be even better
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