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What are buyers looking for in a home in Beaverton, Oregon?

As a seller, you need to think of what buyers are looking for in a home. As a seller, you are more than likely a buyer yourself. So, why not think like a buyer and make your home what the buyers in Beaverton are looking for?

What are the items that are most important to buyers in Beaverton?


- Size, amenities, storage, counter space

Size of a kitchen is not controllable unless you remodel, but if you make it look bigger by de-cluttering and adding lighting. It can help a lot!

Amenities - New dishwasher, range, refrigerator. These items can really take take an old outdated kitchen and add real shine to it. People want to know that after they move in, the stuff will last.


Storage - Plenty of cupboard space. This comes under de-cluttering again. If your cupboards look like they have plenty of room, it gives the buyer the illusion that even if they bring all their stuff, that there clearly is room to putit. Maybe add a Lazy Susan in the corner cabinet.  


Counter Space - People want to know they are going to have plenty of room to cook and bake in their new kitchen. So once again de-clutter, you are already planning on moving, so pack up the toaster, microwave and blender. Give the house back the counter space that it had when you moved in.

    Make sure your counters are show ready!

Bathrooms - Number of Baths, Storage

People want at least one and a half baths. Who wants to have to wait in the hall for someone else to get ready? I can't count the times that I've heard people say that they had a teenage sister and are not going to sit in the hallway waiting for someone else to get done ever again. I had that, and I certainly will never get a house with only one bathroom!

Storage - Have a place for plenty of linen. Keep towels folded neatly, but leave space for more. Make it look like the bathroom isn't crunched for space. Buy a rack that goes over the toilet for things, maybe a few magazines. Make it look nice and leave plenty of room for imagination. If it needs new paint, do it, don't wall paper it. That makes it harder for a buyer to change the look ifthey should decide to do so in the future.


Bedrooms - Closet space, walking space

Closet space is a must. Make it look like there is plenty of room! Box up 85%of everything you have in your closet now. You don't want everything crammednto the closet. The buyer wants space to put all their stuff also and if it looks like there is plenty of room, they will think there is!

Walking space - Make sure you have plenty of space all the way around thebed. People want to walk around the bed to look out the windows, check out closets, and if there is a master bathroom, they don't want to trip on anythingor have to suck in their gut to have to check it out. If they do, they will feel that their bed may not fit in the room, they would be over crowded, anddismiss your home has a candidate for a home purchase.


Just remember that you are a buyer also. When you go to look at your next home, what are you looking at and how does it stack up with what you are selling? Would you purchase your home if you were a buyer looking for that size home in that neighborhood? If you answered no, then you need to take a long, hard look at your home and decide what you need to do to make it a home that someone who was looking in that area, would want to buy.




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