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Buying a home advertising RV Parking

Are you a buyer looking to purchase a home with RV Parking? Then please take note of this, it can cost you hundreds of dollars a month!

You start your home search, you call your Realtor, and tell him exactly what you are looking for: a 4 bed / 2.5 baths, 1500 sq ft home with RV parking. So your Realtor starts sending you all the listings that meet your criteria. You see a home that is perfect, you go to look at it and you see gravel next to the house, but no RV is parked there. But, you see it can fit an RV.

So you put your offer in, get your dream home, or so you think, and you bring your RV home. The next day you get a letter from the city saying you can't park an RV there. You think it is a mistake and you get a $100 fine two weeks later from the city for not moving your RV, from your RV parking pad.

Yes, this does happen. The seller assumes the pad was built for an RV, despite never having owned an RV and advertises as such. But, in some communities, parking an RV next to your home or on the street is illegal. So, you now have to find a RV storage place for your RV that you just bought a home for, and it is costing you an extra $200 a month to store it.

So, before you purchase that home with RV parking, check the local zoning and CC&R's and see if you can, in fact, park an RV on that spot you're buying.

For more information on CC&R and other local restrictions to watch out for when buying a new property, please call your local title company and municipality.


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Buying a home advertising RV Parking
Are you a buyer looking to purchase a home with RV Parking? Then please take note of this, it can cost you hundreds of dollars a month! You start your home search, you call your Realtor, and tell him exactly what you are looking for: a 4 bed / 2. 5… more
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