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Don’t take your bad day out on your clients


Yesterday, while at our condo conversion project, another agent stopped by with a client. However, she had forgotten her lock box key, not a big deal we have all done it at least once. But, I could tell she was having a bad day and she was even snappy toward her client.

Her client asked her, "How much are the HOA dues here?" This was as I was walking away and said very quietly, so I knew it wasn't directed at me. But, then I heard this "Hell, I don't know, I forgot the MLS printout sheet too! TODD!"

I turned around headed back and asked "Yes, how can I help you?" Then her client and myself started to feel like if she was going to have a bad day, so were we. I so wanted to say to her client, "Do you want to leave and we can go look at one of the other units alone, I promise not to treat you like crap, even if I am having a bad day."

It was amazing to me that this client was putting up with it and just not driving off!I could tell she was amazed that someone working for a commission check could treat her this way. But, I wasn't allowed to say a word.

So out of frustration and all of this in less than a minute, I said, "You know, I'm going to leave you and your client her to look around and if you have any further questions, just give me a call and gave the agent my card"

nice matters

So as agents, please leave your attitude at home if you are having a bad day! The world doesn't need to also have a bad day just because you are. Just smile and try to change it into a good day!


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Yesterday, while at our condo conversion project, another agent stopped by with a client. However, she had forgotten her lock box key, not a big deal we have all done it at least once. But, I could tell she was having a bad day and she was… more
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