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If these walls could talk

 Well today, I may have finally been in a house that can. The history of this home is just amazing and I can't talk about it completely because I'm going to be taking the listing on it, hopefully, next week.

Here are just some of the things, that while being remodeled, that were found. Some letters were found in the wall addressed to the young woman of the house, from her boyfriend, who was off fighting in World War II. Some old magazines were found, and until it was remodeled, there was a coal furnace with a coal chute that landed next to the furnace from outside.

The electric that was in the house was still tubes, but was still standing strong, and I truly believe in 100 years it still will be, unlike the homes that are built today. The pride that was taken to remodel this home was amazing and even the person who took on this remodel said it wasn't about the money. It was about the pride and history of the home, and because of that, he will probably lose money, but he just didn't care.

He knows the family that buys this home that has to be someone special and can appreciate the history that comes with this home. The Christmas post cards, letters and even the old magazines are all going to be given to the new owners, so they can tell the history of this home when they have friends and family over.

The seller was able to find who he thinks was the young girl in the letters, but unfortunately she is in an old folk's home now, and is senile and doesn't remember anything, including the home or the letters. But, the care that was taken into bringing this home back to glory was amazing and, when I get the listing, I can't wait to write about it and promise to let those walls talk! They know that with their stories and the history behind this home, that there will be a lot more than one post. It will be fascinating looking into the history of the families that lived there and how it came to be.

Have you ever listed a home that you wish you could get the walls to talk?


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Well today, I may have finally been in a house that can. The history of this home is just amazing and I can't talk about it completely because I'm going to be taking the listing on it, hopefully, next week. Here are just some of the things,… more
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