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Can a .25 lemonade and a $4.75 tip get you business?

I was one of those kids that was always looking to start a business. I started with a lemonade stand and that was because of a computer program for the Commodore 64 called "Lemonade Stand". I quickly learned that price, quality and location would always win out over just plain price and volume.

Later on, I started other businesses and realized that those 3 things carried over. This strategy still is with me today in my real estate career. But what if I didn't have that entrepreneurial drive within me? Could it have been put in me with a single gesture?

I believe America is built with people who have a dream of owning businesses and without them no one would have jobs. I do realize that only about 10% of the population has what it takes to be the employer while the other 90% are the types that become employees.

Since I was about 18, I decided to help build that desire within kids to become business owners and one of the things I've done was become a teacher with Junior Achievement when I was in college. That only lasted about a year because of conflicts with time. (One day I will go back and do it again, because it was a good experience.)

The second thing I did and still do today is when I see a lemonade stand like the one I had is a kid, is I always stop and always purchase that .25 lemonade. When I'm done, I tell them that was the best service and the best tasting lemonade I've ever had and I give them a $5 bill and a business card and tell them to keep the change. I then tell them, I want you to remember this $5 bill and remember it was your service and you owning this business that got you this money. I hope by doing this, it will create a desire to start other businesses when they are older.

Well, I've gotten many calls from parents asking if I really meant to give them the $5 or did I think I gave them a $1 bill. I tell them "I meant to and if they ever want to start a business again, encourage them." One day I may get business from this, but I would rather walk in to a business and see one of these kids in the owner's office behind the desk signing checks to his employees.

You got to love America where anyone can do anything. Sometimes they just need a little push!

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