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The day my dad turned 18…

To many of my subscribers, you know that I talk to my mom and dad on the phone everyday and see them at least three to four times a week
. My dad truly is my best friend and we do a lot of things together and we always have fun doing it.

But, the day my dad turned 18 was today! Now, like me, his maturity level is still set on 12, but to me and the rest of my family, today is my dad's 18th birthday. We couldn't be happier to celebrate it with him, because we almost didn't get that chance.

We call this day my dad's 18th birthday because 18 years ago, today, the great people at Baylor University in Dallas, Texas, gave my dad the gift of life when they gave him a liver transplant. My dad wasn't a drinker, he was just a hard working teacher that had a liver that decided it wanted to shut down.

The doctors didn't find a single drug, disease, or any other reason for the liver to shut down, but it was, and now he was clinging to life. On this day, 18 years ago, our prayers were answered and my dad was given his life back.

But, my dad knows how much I love him since I tell him everyday. This post is for those others who may not have discovered how much they love their parents, kids, co-workers, or whomever they have in their life, that because of one thing or another never told them how much they love them.

Now you can give this chance to someone else who may be in the same situation my dad was 18 years ago. There was a person on a motorcycle who crashed and died, but gave life to my dad. Can you imagine being given another 18 years with your best friend, spouse, children or whoever?

So please, go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles today and sign up to be an organ donor, so someone else can be giving a 2nd eighteenth birthday, like my best friend and father was because someone cared enough to be an organ donor.



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To many of my subscribers, you know that I talk to my mom and dad on the phone everyday and see them at least three to four times a week My dad truly is my best friend and we do a lot of things together and we always have fun doing it. But, the… more
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