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Todd, you have a face for radio!

In 1988 when I started my radio career I heard this phrase more than once. I thought I must me one good looking guy to keep hearing this and that is why I love to say, "You can't get a better looking agent that hasn't had plastic surgery than me." But, now, my world is crashing around me and I have been told that wasn't a compliment.

Oh, the humanity! My beauty is only really, oh, who am I kidding, I am the best looking agent out there.


My face is going back on the air, Tuesday, at 11am PST, to talk about the mortgage crisis, real estate, short sales, and to just have fun.  Even if the topics are not, we will have fun because that is what I'm going to do with it, since that is what I'm all about.

So, join me Tuesday, speak up, call up, chat up, whatever you do in this new era of internet radio. As soon as I have more information on where to go to hear it, I will update everyone.



Respect Realty LLC (Expect More)


At Respect Realty, LLC our agents believe in 100% dedication to client satisfaction.  We specialize in property and land acquisition around the Portland Metro and Vancouver, WA area. We delight in working with first time home buyers and sellers to guide them from start to finish. Our doors are always open and we are always happy to assist you with your real estate questions.


Reach out today, we look forward to talking with you!


Todd Clark and Seraina Aguayo (Owners of Respect Realty)

Respect Realty LLC (Expect More)



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Comment balloon 8 commentsRespect Realty LLC • December 08 2008 12:18AM
Todd, you have a face for radio!
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