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OH – The humanity (Another MeMe)

This the second attempt to get more information out of me, about who I am and what makes me tick! Here is a link to my first MeMe back in October. I was really hoping to get lucky enough to go another 10 months without getting tagged again, but I wasn't so lucky.

Pam Graham out of Florida was nice enough to tag me. I think she may have been in the sun a little too long if she finds me interesting enough to ask for yet another MeMe from me.

But, I will see what I can dig up from my past that can help keep me from running for public office one day.

  1. As Adam and the Ants put it, "Don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do?" I guess I'm a "Goody Two Shoes" of sorts. I didn't have my first drink until my 21st birthday, and I fell asleep after drinking half a wine cooler. It would be another twelve years before I would attempt it again. This time I actually finished a full Mike's Hard Lemonade, and I actually liked the taste, but not the way it made me feel. I never have tried cigarettes or drugs of any sort, just never saw the reason, even when my friends were doing it.

  2. I played baseball until I was 12 when I had to give it up because I threw side arm and the coaches just couldn't break me of the habit. I still have the championship baseball from my little league days and a picture where we went undefeated in 1980! I still get my baseball fix by coaching my kids' teams.

  3. The first car I ever owned was a 1950 Ford Truck. I got it when I was fourteen for $75 and was planning to fix it up and drive it, but when I was fifteen, someone who was in the barn where I stored it, saw it and offered me $275 for it and I just couldn't pass up making a profit. So my first real car that I fixed up and drove was a red, 1969 Ford Mustang that my mom, I think, hated!

    As a test before I bought it, I wanted to see if it could go from 0-80 on a 14 percent grade in less than a mile. It did it with ease! Just to let you know the speed limit on that road is 40, but it was in the name of testing a car, so I'm sure it was legal. (Don't tell my mom, but the top speed I ever got that car was 119 mph.)

    When I got it home and took mom out in it, her question to my dad, upon getting back home from the test drive was, "How come it is louder than the truck?" Dad was nice enough to tell her, "Honey, because it has a bigger engine than the truck." My dad, at the time, was driving a ¾ ton, four door truck with a very large engine, but mine was bigger!

  4. I have a very large music collection. As a disc jockey I had the opportunity to buy a lot of records, tapes, CD's and even 8-tracks. If it had to do with music, I wanted it. I now have over 12,000 records, 5,000 cd's, and a couple boxes of 8-tracks. (For you that had 8-tracks, you know about "THE BOX".) I've tried to get my kids to love music as much as I do and haven't quit done it, but if you match my 9 year old on music trivia with most girls her age, she will crush them on any music from the 50's and 60's.

  5. I have a weird sense of humor. You only get about 10% of it here on Active Rain. Mainly because most of it is just quick comments on things I see or hear and it just wouldn't translate to writing. But, prior to my wife, who I've been married to for 14 years, I couldn't find a woman who would stay with me for more than 3 months. I guess that was the limit on my humor that they could take? But, my wife gets my jokes most of the time, and at others she will just roll her eyes, but she takes the better or worse vow seriously! As she puts it, "No one told me there would be worse." Here is a look into how I got that sense of humor from one of my previous blogs.

So there you go, you have found out 5 more things about me that you may not have known. If you did, you may know me better than you want to and I'm sorry for that. I'm not sure any of the above stuff will keep me out of the pubic political arena, but I like to think I'm too honest to be a politician.


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OH – The humanity (Another MeMe)
This the second attempt to get more information out of me, about who I am and what makes me tick! Here is a link to my first MeMe back in October. I was really hoping to get lucky enough to go another 10 months without getting tagged again, but I… more
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