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Selling land on the moon

I remember a few years ago the ads selling the right to name stars after loved ones and before that it was selling land on the moon. My question is, can I sell land on the moon or do I need a special license for that?

I know I can't sell in other states or countries unless I have their real estate license, but I've searched and I can't find the Moon's Department of Licensing. I thought to myself, can I get in trouble if there are no laws on the moon pertaining to real estate or in this case does my state where I write the contract actually count?

Who records the deed on the property and how do I find an appraiser who is willing to tell me if I'm being taken advantage of, or not, on price? These are a couple of questions I would love to have answered. If any of you out there own land on the moon, who did you use as your agent? I would love to talk to them.

I see a new slogan...Service and deals that are out of this world! Catchy, don't you think? If you would like to buy or sell land on the moon (I can't help you) but if you are looking to buy in Washington County, Oregon then I will gladly help you and all you have to do is contact me!


Respect Realty LLC (Expect More)


At Respect Realty, LLC our agents believe in 100% dedication to client satisfaction.  We specialize in property and land acquisition around the Portland Metro and Vancouver, WA area. We delight in working with first time home buyers and sellers to guide them from start to finish. Our doors are always open and we are always happy to assist you with your real estate questions.


Reach out today, we look forward to talking with you!


Todd Clark and Seraina Aguayo (Owners of Respect Realty)

Respect Realty LLC (Expect More)



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