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My First Concert experience – Who is that?

OK, for those of you who know about my past life as a DJ for 18 years may be a little surprised by this, but I didn't see my first concert until I was 15! On top of that, I wouldn't really listen to, and didn't own anything other than "The Beatles" and "Elvis Presley" until my 14th birthday, when a friend decided to try to break me of that and bought me a "Journey" album.

OK, this album was pretty good. OK, it was great. I realized at that point that maybe I should give a shot to more artists and expand my record collection. So, over the next 8 years I ended up buying some 12,000 more records!

This started me on a journey (no pun intended) to become a music trivia buff, but Journey was not my first concert. I started learning as much as I could about artists and started really loving all kinds of music. I came across a young group with a singer with an amazing voice that would become my first concert experience. This group was Til Tuesday and was most famous for their song "Voices Carry" in 1985.

So, why did I name my blog "Who is that?" Well turns out Til Tuesday was the opening act, and being I was still in my musical learning curve, I hadn't heard of the artist who was the headlining act. OK, ladies of the 80's, don't be mad at me, when they announced him, I looked over at the girl next to me and asked, "Who is that?" She looked at me like I was from another planet. After finding out who he was, over then next month of trivia fact finding, I now know why I got that look and also why the audience was 85% woman.

It seems Til Tuesday, the group I had come to see was opening for the one and only "Dr. Noah Drake" (Rick Springfield) from the soap opera "General Hospital." I think I may have been the only person in the audience to not know who this guy was! Here is the big song that he played that I admit I liked, but still didn't know who he was until about 2 days later when I had a good female friend catch me up on who and why this guy was so popular.

Did, I have fun at this concert, you bet! I was a little embarrassed that this was my first concert, in the time line and the type of music I enjoyed prior and since, but I won because of music trivia, so I guess that makes it alright. "NO" I don't remember what the question was that won me the tickets, but who cares it was 25 years ago! I've since gone on to see much better concerts, thanks to my music trivia, including "Kiss", "Paul McCartney", "Cheap Trick", "Peter, Paul & Mary" and yes "JOURNEY"!


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