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My first actual fishing trip (Guest Post)

My first actual fishing trip was with grandpa, dad and my grandma came too, but she read instead of fished. We started at 9:30 and ended about 12:55, but we didn't catch anything.

Grandpa was the only one to lose his bait, but I was the only one that got 3 nibbles. We saw a couple of osprey though. Here is a picture of them, taken by my grandpa.

On our way back we saw this old water wheel and on the way there and back we saw this eagles nest, we knew it's an eagle's nest because dad and grandpa saw an eagle there on their last fishing trip. (The eagles nest and water wheel are pictured below)


Its 1:45 now and we're looking at old barns on our way home. Grandpa is taking pictures of them, below are just some of the pictures that Grandpa took.

Its 2:45 now and we just past a McDonalds and grandma asked if I wanted some ice cream and of course I said "YES"

Its 3:20 now and we are in Scotts Mill and we saw a deer in the road in front of us. (Didn't get a picture of him) I had a lot of fun fishing even though we didn't catch anything. I loved my first actual fishing trip.


Notice no fish on our chains :(

Meesha Clark




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