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What do you mean your client isn’t buying it just because of the countertops?

What do you mean your client isn't buying it just because of the countertops? My client just spent $5,000 on those granite countertops to make it look this good so it will sell faster and now you are telling me that you aren't buying because of them?

Yep, this was the conversation I had with a buyer's agent on Saturday and I was in shock to what I was hearing. Those countertops looked dang good and it made that kitchen look awesome! Evidently, this buyer could not see that and says to my seller that if they want to sell it they will replace all countertops in the house with another type countertop.

It turns out that this person didn't like granite because of salmonella and the warnings that she heard on the news about how it traps the bacteria easier and can kill you. Oh, but that isn't all...There is more! As an added bonus, she said granite also produces radon gas.

What? Salmonella? Radon? What else am I going to have to tell my seller his extra $5,000 does for him? Has anyone else heard of this? I can understand the salmonella, but clean your counters or use a cutting board you should be fine, but radon? Is this going to end up being another addendum we are going to have to have buyers and sellers sign? My client has now offered to replace the counter tops for the buyer, but she is afraid of residual radon, is this something that stays or does it go with the counters?

If anyone can give me information on this that would be greatly appreciated as I was thinking about installing this in my kitchen, but I may wait now.


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What do you mean your client isn’t buying it just because of the…
What do you mean your client isn't buying it just because of the countertops? My client just spent $5, 000 on those granite countertops to make it look this good so it will sell faster and now you are telling me that you aren't buying because of them… more
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