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Check on your vacant home or it could cost you!

Photo courtesy of rippeHave you ever had a seller call you interested in selling their present home and buying a new one? Of course we all have, but the seller says, we would like to kind of just start looking around while we fix our present property. Then a wonderful thing happens, within 2 days you find them their dream home, and they just can't wait and buy it.

This was the situation I was in recently with a client. So, they decided to keep the old property vacant so they could go back and get it fixed up and ready to sell, like they originally had intended.

It has been over two months since the day they moved out of their old house and in to their dream home. With the holidays and all the snow, they just haven't had a chance to get back over to the old property to start the fix ups they had planned. So, imagine their surprise when they get a water bill for $400 and an electric bill for $750 on a vacant home.

Well, of course they thought a pipe had broken and they had left something on that just was sucking the energy like they had never seen. So imagine their surprise when they got back to their old property to see 4 hoses hooked up their house all going next door with the water on full and then 10 extension cords going from their storage shed to the house next door's garage.

This house was in foreclosure and the owners had their water and electricity turned off and were using my client's house to heat their house and to light their Christmas tree lights. WOW, talk about theft! My clients called the police and took lots of pictures. Of course there was not much my clients could do as the auction was the day after they found all this and the neighbors are now gone and nowhere to be found. It seems even the police has lost track of them.

So, if you have vacant home please check it from time to time or you may get a nasty surprise in the mail in the form of a really high energy bill. Now, it could have been even worse had these people broke in to the house and decided to have taken residence, but still $1,150 in bills was enough for this retired couple.

By the way, I found out this also happened to my parents when we decided to check on their vacant home!

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Respect Realty LLC (Expect More)



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Check on your vacant home or it could cost you!
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