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Welcome to Peacock Lane: A Christmas tradition since 1929

Located between SE Stark and Belmont, one block north of 39th, lies a quiet street… at least most of the year. But during the month of December, since 1929, Peacock Lane has become a holiday tradition for families across Portland.

Peacock Lane, Portland, OregonPeacock Lane, Portland, OregonPeacock Lane, Portland, Oregon

Peacock Lane is a street where every family, since 1929, has a Christmas light show on their homes. There are literally 100s of families walking and driving down Peacock Lane on any given night. If you are here in Oregon during the month of December, I suggest you check out this wonderful neighborhood tradition.

The best part about this tradition is that is totally free!

    Merry Christmas

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Welcome to Peacock Lane: A Christmas tradition since 1929
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