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Glad we were there or it could have been a different outcome!

One of my clients lives in an area that apparently has had a series of break in recently.
While I was there I just happen to park in their garage because I needed to stand on my car to look at something. Well, while I was in their living room with my wife she says, “There is someone in the backyard.”

I open the door not letting them know that I wasn’t the home owner, I asked them politely, “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING BACK HERE AND WHO ARE YOU?” He said “We saw this home on the foreclosure list online.” (RealtyTrac) I told him, “What gives you the right to walk in someone’s private yard no matter what it says online?”

The theif in the backyard

I told him, “You have about 10 seconds to leave this yard before I pull out my gun and help you leave.” He, of course, leaves in a big hurry at that point and me being me, and not trusting anyone, immediately ran to the front window to see a truck with a driver waiting in the street. I write down the description of the passenger, the truck (Including color, license plate #, make and model), and as much as I could about the driver and proceed to call the police.

Now, I get a call an hour later from the police thanking me for the break they have been waiting for! Seems the driver of the truck was on felony parole for theft and just got out of jail about 3 months ago. (Seems about the time the break-in started happening) The officer said, “This gives us probable cause to search his house and his truck and I’m guessing we are going to find something that will put him back in jail for a very, very long time.”

I’ve worked with a lot of clients and there certainly aren’t a lot of buyers that get out of jail for a felony that can qualify for a $450,000 loan on a home 3 months out of jail. If they can, I want to know where he is working because I may change careers… (LOL)

Our guess is they were coming in the backyard to see if anyone was home and if not, the house was going to be cleaned out while my clients were at work. I’m glad I was at the right place at the right time, and hopefully this time when he gets out he will be too old to lift anything to steal. As far as I’m concerned he can stay in jail forever!

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Glad we were there or it could have been a different outcome!
One of my clients lives in an area that apparently has had a series of break in recently. While I was there I just happen to park in their garage because I needed to stand on my car to look at something. Well, while I… more
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