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Wow! What large nuts you have


Recently, I was told that it was a buyers market and I had to somewhat disagree, and when I saw a copy of another agents repair addendum, I was floored! A listing agent was telling me this and when I disagreed that it was a complete buyers market, then she told me to read this.

It was a repair addendum for a listing she had! For the record, they told the buyer where to stick it, because they knew this was the kind of buyer that was going to sue the after the sale no matter what they said yes too. This house had been on the market 3 days when this offer came in! $5,000 under asking price, but they wanted to sell quickly so they took the offer. But, wait until you see what they ask for next!

The buyer then had an inspection and on there repair addendum these are just a few of the items on the 3 pages! There were cracks in the driveway and the buyer wanted the seller to rip up the driveway and replace it with blacktop. Then two light bulbs were burnt out, so they wanted those replaced as well as two 4 packs of light bulbs should any other burn out prior to close. OH IT GETS BETTER! Since there was really nice landscaping that they didn't know how to take care of, they were requesting the seller to pay for landscaping for one year or come over every month for six months to help them keep it up. Then, to top it off, they wanted the seller to pay for all their closing costs, prepaids and the additional 1% they agreed to pay their agent in a buyer's agency agreement! This agent was already getting 3% from the listing agent and they wanted her to get another 1% because the buyer agreed to pay her 4% in a buyer's agency agreement!

When the listing agent called the buyers agent about this repair addendum, she said "You do know this is a buyer's market, right?" WOW! I guess I was wrong it is a buyers market! Even the squirrel was jealous of these buyer,s nuts! Also if you are thinking this was a million dollar property, you would be wrong! It was on a $210,000 1974 ranch!

Wife's update to my blog:

Q: How do you stop squirrels playing football in the garden?  

A: Hide the ball, it drives them nuts!  



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Comment balloon 15 commentsRespect Realty LLC • September 28 2007 11:40AM


Great post ... especially the title!  No matter what kind of market, it's still the seller's house!
Posted by Nancy Moeller (Seven Gables Real Estate) over 12 years ago

Those damn picky buyers!

Posted by Jason Schweiger, Loan Originator / Branch Manager NFLP (Network Funding LP) over 12 years ago

OMG.....that was wrong in so many ways, but the point is clearly well taken!

So, it is a buyers market; when are you writing that contract because you know we're all starving to death, right? a client said that to me last night....I'll probably blog about it later......:)

Posted by Bill Nazur (First Lending Solutions) over 12 years ago

I'm surprised they didn't ask that the buyer come back every Sunday to cook and serve dinner.

Sounds like a buyer with no money and no brains, a dangerous combination

Posted by Fred Pickard, Hershey, PA (Fred Pickard Innovations Realty Inc) over 12 years ago

LMAO!! It sounds to me like this buyer decided they didn't really want that home after they agreed to the contract. They knew if they made rediculous requests the seller would tell them to take a hike.

Posted by Mary McCleskey & Michelle Gumeny (Assist-2-Sell, Home Buyers & Sellers Realty, Inc.) over 12 years ago
Now i'm all for getting my buyers the best deal, but that is just nutty!  Hopefully a light buld goes off in the sellers head on their next offer! 
Posted by Chad Baird (Re/Max Spirit) over 12 years ago
Unbelievable - I have heard that it is a buyers market, not a looney tune market! Wow, I haven't seen any offers like this, YET. Hopefully I wont, either!
Posted by Portland Oregon Real Estate | Alecia Barnes - Broker over 12 years ago
You're really "cracking" me up this morning! I'm sorry but at this point I can't see through the tears of laughter to read your post. Todd, I think you and I have the same juvenile sense of humor. I'll have to come back and read it when I can stop laughing. Doh!
Posted by . . (no thanks) over 12 years ago
This stuff makes me sick.  As the sellers agent you would have to ask the buyers to get serious.  "How about we remove these annual service contracts (putting it nicely) and you make an offer at a lower amount?"  Who could agree to any of these requests?  When you sell a home, a deed is transferred and the Seller has no more responsibilities (as long as there are no failures to disclose significant problems).  That is the point of the sale!  What nerve! 
Posted by Martinelli Caputi, & Associates, Ltd. (Martinelli Caputi & Associates, Ltd.) over 12 years ago
Todd you're cracking me up here!!!! Great title for a post. These buyers are loco amigo. I love the spare light bulbs!!
Posted by Bryant Tutas, Selling Florida one home at a time (Tutas Towne Realty, Inc and Garden Views Realty, LLC) over 12 years ago

Nancy - I'm glad you liked the title. I couldn't believe what they were asking for myself.

Jason - I wish those picky buyers would have picked another agents home!

Bill - Why was that wrong? lol

Fred - Who knows what their problem is.

Mary or Michelle - I didn't think abou that, but I bet you are right!

Chad - I seriously doubt it! You have to have the electricity on to have the light bulb go off

Alecia - It was complete BS

Bridget - I'm sorry but I don't feel bad about making you cry - lol (Hey is that a beaver?)

Richard - The listing agent said they seller wanted a copy of the contract just to post on the internet to say how stupid the people are!

Bryant - You know you are thinking about asking for all this on your next offer aren't you!



Posted by Respect Realty LLC, Brokers - Oregon / SW Washington Real Estate (Respect Realty LLC) over 12 years ago
Todd, Great post, By the way Doug Beaver here and I see you are from the Beaverton area ?
Posted by Doug Beaver, Corona Norco Eastvale Riverside Homes (Century 21 Olde Tyme) over 12 years ago

Doug - OK, that is way to funny. The Beaver comment to Bridget was a inside joke on one of her blogs earlier today. But, still dang funny. Glad you could stop by, but admit it with a title like that you just had to know what it was about didn't you?


Posted by Respect Realty LLC, Brokers - Oregon / SW Washington Real Estate (Respect Realty LLC) over 12 years ago


I enjoyed your post.  Pretty funny in a very sad way.  I'm a home inspector.  I've had clients that wanted pretty outrageous things but usually I can talk them out of things that are unreasonable.  Pre-paid landscaping? That's a new one. I hate hearing stories like this because the greed of some buyers is scaring alot of home owners into sitting tight for a while until things get more favorable.  That's hurting everybody. 

Posted by Bill Duncan (Home Status Inspection Company, LLC) over 12 years ago
I almost lost it again after reading your comment back to me (darn you). But after the ducks lost, my spirits are not as giddy as they were on Friday when I attempted to read this the first time. Very funny post, unbelievable really. I'm sorry but, what were those buyers and their agent smoking exactly? Some people make it very clear that they DON'T REALLY WANT TO BUY A HOUSE when they do stuff like that. What a waste of time for everyone.
Posted by . . (no thanks) over 12 years ago

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