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Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t deserve to own a home!

You deserve to own a home and I will tell you that again tomorrow, the next day, and even the day after that. But, today I met a person who had always wanted to own a home near his parents in Beaverton,Oregon, but 4 years ago was told by someone that they didn’t deserve to own a home and he believed them.

WHAT? Don’t deserve to own a home? I think home ownership is something that everyone should have a right to do. But, this person was told by a co-worker at one time that he didn’t deserve to own a home because they had bad credit. As a lot of people did when they were younger, they made mistakes when it came to credit. His friend, a client of mine, said, “Dude, you need to talk to Todd, because if anyone can get you into a home, he can. He has ways to get you into a home without bank financing, using lease options or owner financing. So, even with your credit you can own a home.”

I asked this person how their credit was now and he said he thinks it was pretty bad. He said,“I was late on lots of bills and even had some charge offs, I really did screw up.” I replied, “Fine, life happens. But let’s get you in contact with my mortgage broker and see what we can improve. Then we can come up with a plan to work on that credit and a timeline so you can own a home that you deserve to own!”

We called one of my preferred mortgage brokers and today I got the call. He not only deserves to own a home, he deserved it years ago. This person that thought they didn’t deserve to own a home because of some discouraging words from a co-worker years ago had a 740 credit score. I got the pleasure of calling this person and telling them yes, they deserve to own a home!

So, if you are a person that thinks you have bad credit, give me a call, I would love to tell you that you also deserve to own a home. But, even if you don’t have the credit to buy today, I still think you deserve to own a home. If you want I will set you up with a plan to pay down your debt and bring your credit score to a level that can make it so you can buy a home a lot sooner than you think.

Todd Clark (Principal Broker)
eXp Realty LLC
Comment balloon 19 commentsTodd Clark • March 24 2009 04:42AM


Todd, that sounds like its going to turn into a real success story for all concerned.  Good for you... if you hadn't done such a great job with your client so he could refer you, see, its all about the customer service you did for client 1.  now you get to repeat to client 2, then probably client 2 and on and on.  I love it how a plan comes together!

Posted by South Austin Real Estate Blog (Sky Realty South Austin) over 11 years ago

Some people just don't know what there credit rating are. I actually had a client think if he was 5 days late on anything it hurt his credit.

Posted by Chip Jefferson (Gibbs Realty and Auction Company) over 11 years ago

Todd. Great post to educate buyers and help them buy their dream home. I'm a little surprised that the buyer didn't do a little checking on his own all those years ago, but he must have truly believed it was hopeless. Good thing you came along.

Posted by Barb Szabo, CRS, E-pro Realtor, Cleveland Ohio Homes (RE/MAX Trinity Brecksville Ohio) over 11 years ago

I hade that happen to a couple of people I spoke with. They thought they had the worst credit and turn out to have better credit than most.

Posted by Jeannette Neerpat, e-Pro Coral Springs/Parkland Real Estate ( over 11 years ago

Everyone is entitled to have a part of the "American Dream." I enjoyed this blog post. When I have clients who don't have the credit, I give them all kinds of information and help them monitor their credit profile. Recently, I was on the opposite end of what usually happens in my area. I had a couple with good income, but they had no credit. It been six months and they have now built up a healthy credit pattern. Six more months and they will be in their new home.

Posted by Phil Bailey, Realtor - Deltona, Florida (Glory International Real Estate Co) over 11 years ago

Gail - I'm just feeling sorry that this buyer hasn't owned a home for this long, just because of one person and the harsh words that were said to them,

Laura - Certainly can't go wrong thinking that though. Better than those waiting to mail the check on the 29th day.

Barb - He wasn't planning today either, but his friend pushed him. I think he was still punishing himself for something he did 15 years ago.

Jeannette - Even my own parents thought they weren't at their best and ended up having a combined average score of 809.

Posted by Todd Clark, Principle Broker Oregon (eXp Realty LLC) over 11 years ago

Todd, it's funny.  I think that a lot of people think their credit is a lot worse than it actually is. 

Posted by Patricia Kennedy, Home in the Capital (RLAH Real Estate) over 11 years ago

Most people don't have a clue on how the credit reports are calculated and can get confused. Great advice to have a lender evaluate the report.

Posted by Terry & Bonnie Westbrook, Westbrook Realty - Grand Rapids Forest Hills MI Re (Westbrook Realty Broker-Owner) over 11 years ago

Todd - you have such a nice way of encouraging people to come see you to buy a home. Who wouldn't want you for their agent?

Posted by Judy Tuscano, NH Real Estate Professional (Prudential Verani Realty) over 11 years ago

Todd -- what a great post to help the consumer. I agree with Pat ---most people don't have a clue about their credit rating.  Thanks for doing your job at which you are obviously very good. I love Realtors like you.

Mama Liz's Signature

Posted by Liz Loadholt, Realtor--Broker-in-charge - Trainer--Relocation Director Covering SC (Liz Loadholt- AgentOwned Realty- Covering SC) over 11 years ago

Phil - See you are the exception to the rule, most agents would have given up on them and never talked to them again. You have to be in this business for the long haul.

Patricia - I think if the credit agencies would make it easier for everyone to see their report and their score. Most people don't realize that the credit agencies don't work for them, they work for the people trying to give you credit.

Terry - I think it is up to an expert to help them reach their goal. I can only do so much to help them reach their goals, the rest they have to do by themselves and possibly help from a more qualified person.

Posted by Todd Clark, Principle Broker Oregon (eXp Realty LLC) over 11 years ago

I HATE that word "entitled".  It makes my hair stand on end (OK, not much of that).

People deserve the opportunity to work towards home ownership.  The credit system is screwed up, but it's not insurmountable.  People do it every day.

Posted by Jeff R. Geoghan, REALTOR, Marketing Manager (Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage) over 11 years ago

Todd - Awesome post!  As educated as consumers are, many times they just don't have the right people around them to help them achieve their goals.  It's really cool that you were able to help these people.

Posted by _ _ over 11 years ago

You's the man - for sure! :-)

Posted by Liz Moras Migic, Chilliwack, British Columbia - Realtor over 11 years ago

Judy - I'm guessing the other 1400 homes that sold last month. (LOL)

Mama Liz - Keep that up, I may move to South Carolina!

Jeff - Spoken like a true politician...Wait, you are supposed to love entitlement as a polititian. (LOL) I think they have the right to own a home, but you are right they have to work for that right. It isn't something that should just come from breathing. I even think that with food stamps, housing and other govenrment programs that the people should give back in some way.

Liz - Thansk Liz...Are you coming down next month?

Posted by Todd Clark, Principle Broker Oregon (eXp Realty LLC) over 11 years ago


I'm still a firm believer in The American Dream...Anyone who wants to own their own home and is willing to work hard...deserves their own home...!!! Thanks,   Fran

Posted by Fran Gaspari, "The Title Man" - Title Insurance - PA & NJ (Patriot Land Transfer, Inc.) over 11 years ago

Jason - I'm just glad I had the opportunity to help him now when prices are great and interest rates are even better!


Posted by Todd Clark, Principle Broker Oregon (eXp Realty LLC) over 11 years ago

This is a great post.  We have to help educate people on how to improve their credit if they have had trouble in the past and truly want to fix it, move on and own a house now or when they are able to.  Good for you!

Posted by Susan Jackowski, Lake Norman NC & Hudson Valley NY (Lake Norman NC) over 11 years ago

Susan - I think this person basically thought once you destroyed it there was no way to fix it.

Posted by Todd Clark, Principle Broker Oregon (eXp Realty LLC) over 11 years ago

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